Who doesn’t love the BMW M3? Not many people we’d guess. The new 2017 BMW M3 builds on the heritage of this legendary BMW bruiser to make it faster, fitter and more fun to drive, but at a price!
In some respects, the M3 comes as standard with some great equipment, but once you go past that, nearly everything is an extra, including paint!
2017 BMW M3 Release date
The new 2017 BMW M3 is already in your local dealership, get down there now for information.








2017 BMW M3 release date: late 2016

2017 BMW M3 Price

The base price for the new M3 is just under $66,000, but it’s easy to add a further $20,000 to that price in extras – see the main article for details.

2017 BMW M3 Redesign and changes

Rather than listing just the new fancy bits, we thought we’d look at the true cost of the new M3. Standard trim comes in at just under $66,000 and it’s fitted with some pretty good tech; aluminum hood & fenders, carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, carbon-fiber trunk lid, driveshaft and roof, adaptive M suspension, enhanced cooling, 6-speed manual transmission, 18” wheels, 10-way power adjustable seats, sports exhaust, keyless ignition, adaptive cruise control, heated front seats, leather wrapped steering wheel, Bluetooth, navigation, latest iDrive infotainment system and a 16 speaker Harman Kardon premium audio system.

2017 BMW M3 Equipment
Sounds good? Yes, until you start looking at what other bits you may want; the standard color is white, if you want to change that, you could pay either $550 or $1950 extra depending on color. Cloth trim is standard; leather could add over $3,000.

Do a little track driving? Adding the carbon-ceramic brakes will bloat the price by a further $8,150. Don’t fancy the manual transmission? That’s another $2,900 for the DCT auto. Want the ‘Competition Package’ which includes a little more BHP, blacked out badges and grille, lightweight seats, tuned suspension and 20” wheels? That’s another $5,500.
The list goes on and on, it seems that everything you may want is an extra, and not a cheap one either.

2017 BMW M3 Specs

The good news is that the standard 3.0 liter turbo charged inline-six pumps out a useable 425 BHP and 408 lb/ft of torque (from just 1,800 RPM), which means a tire shredding zero to sixty time of just under 4.0 seconds. Aero has been improved, and thanks to a 176 lb weight loss, the center of gravity has been lowered, making the handling even sharper.









Overall, the new 2017 BMW M3 is a great car, but just don’t expect many toys for your money.